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 HART Center Mission Statement
  Improve the overall health and physical fitness of our patrons by providing a clean and safe environment with quality workout programs and equipment.
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The HART Center opened its doors on January 15, 2002, see our history. The facility was designed to meet the Health, Recreation, and Therapy needs of Fairfield Bay, Arkansas and the surrounding communities. The 23,000 square foot facility includes a complete fitness center, massage therapy service, and physical therapy service. All You Knead Massage Therapy and Baptist Health Physical Therapy are separate businesses from the HART Center and lease space from the club.

The HART Center has Cybex weight machines, treadmills, LifeFitness Recumbent Bicycles, and Body Trek Elliptical Trainers. There are free weights, benches, and a Smith Machine at the HART Center. The aerobics room has steps, dumbbells, jump ropes, exercise balls, medicine balls, resistance tubing, and body bars. The indoor Olympic swimming pool has dumbbells, kickboards, and noodles. Finally, the club has an indoor pool, indoor track, basketball court, hot tub, and sauna.

The club is approximately 80 miles north of Little Rock, Arkansas and is located on beautiful Greers Ferry Lake. Fairfield Bay is a resort/retirement community of 2500 residents that gets over 40,000 Timeshare visitors and other visitors annually. These visitors make up a significant portion of the clubs membership.

The club is open everyday of the year except for Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, and New Years.

For your added convenience, Baptist Health Physical Therapy is located inside the HART Fitness Center to service residents of Fairfield Bay and surrounding areas.