Our History
The HART Center, also know as “the Miracle on the Bay” is a five year dream that came to life on January 15, 2002 after 5 years of planning and hard work in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas. Its creation is known as “the miracle” because the $2,000,000.00+, 23,000 square foot facility is located in a resort retirement community of only 2,500 citizens.

How this was achieved is a unique story. The condensed version of this journey revolves around seven initial investors known as “the magnificent seven”. This group, which has changed over the years, basically came up with a three phase plan to bring the club to life. The first phase involved attaining funds, agreements, and gifts in kind from the community, Fairfield Resorts Incorporated, and the FFB Conference Center. The second phase involved Timeshare and Conference Center memberships and finally phase three involved the sale of stock. To date $600,000.00 of stock has been sold to community investors at $1.00 per share. This very basic overview helps to explain “the miracle”.

During the first quarter of operation in 2002 the club has exceeded its first year membership goal. Participation at the facility has been very consistent and the level of community fitness continues to improve.